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The Visual Culture Research Group (VCRG) is a group of cross-disciplinary art and design practitioners, historians and theorists interested in visuality and visual culture. Its purpose is to generate new knowledge and innovative methodologies by putting practitioners into conversation with writers. Much of our work critically explores the relationship between ‘making’ and ‘thinking’, practice and theory and there is an overarching concern with challenging cultural representations of under-represented groups.

Our research is divided into strands, which currently include: All posts


Clothing Cultures

The Clothing Cultures strand investigates the production and consumption of clothing and textiles as well as the politics of display. Work in this…


Life Stage Research

Lifestage Research is a new strand of research activity, which aims to critically explore the process of transitioning between one stage of life…


Cultural Education

The Cultural Education strand investigates the contexts within which art and design education takes place with a view to developing innovative thinking about…


Visualising Histories

The Visualising Histories strand aims to increase the visibility of under-represented and as-yet untold histories of creative practice. The strand includes work on…

The VCRG prides itself on its commitment to creating an atmosphere of generosity and mutual respect, which we feel is crucial to fostering a sustainable research culture in which (emerging) researchers feel genuinely supported. Alongside providing support for research outputs the VCRG acts as a forum for curriculum development in Visual Culture. We teach critical thinking to all undergraduate and most postgraduate students in Art & Design at UWE as well as undertaking PhD supervision. All posts