Visualising Histories

The Visualising Histories strand aims to increase the visibility of under-represented and as-yet untold histories of creative practice. The strand includes work on women’s art history (Clare Johnson, Sue Tate), queer histories (Rachael Miles) and feminist activism/curation (Sue Tate, Clare Johnson and Rachael Miles). Events in this strand have included:

‘When Is Now? The Historical Present in Creative Practice’ (symposium, Watershed, Bristol, June 2013) 

‘New Directions in Women’s Art History’ (symposium, Watershed, Bristol, May 2014)

‘Family Matters’ (joint VCRG / Family Ties Network symposium, Watershed, Bristol, December 2014) 

‘Deuce’ performance (Rachael Miles and Tom Marshman, Arnolfini, Bristol, June 2018)

‘Hatpins to Hashtags’ touring exhibition (Sue Tate, September 2018)

‘The Living Legacy of the Greenham Women’ training day (Clare Johnson and Rachael Miles, October 2018)

‘Life and Politics of Monica Sjöö’ webinar (Sue Tate, November 2020)