Suze Adams research seminar: Ideas of Intimacy

This research seminar at Ravensbourne University London considered ideas of intimacy, in terms of personal relationships and family bonds through artist moving image and photography. Emotional expressions of love, loss and closeness were examined through issues of self-exposure, identity and ethical boundaries. There were presentations by FTN co-ordinators Suze Adams and Sally Waterman, alongside guest speakers Jane Prior and Sarah Pucill.
Prompted by the sudden death of her partner of 34 years and the radically altered trajectory she found herself on, VCRG member Suze Adams’ new imagery focuses on embodied experience and echoes of the body found in everyday life. The works explore the gulf between physical and psychological realities and Suze discussed the thinking behind the work and the various references alluded to in the images. She invited the audience to join her in exploring ways of responding to major life changes and how we might visually represent our experience of the world, how we might understand through making and how we might confront realities we would often rather ignore.