New Directions in Women’s Art History

In May 2014 the VCRG held a one-day symposium based on recently published books in women’s art history. It marked an exciting time in the development of this field, which is notable for the diversity of approaches taken and broad range of artists studied. This extends from transnational to inter-generational and archival strategies and includes the study of maternal bodies, femininity, Pop, and the German avant-garde. The following authors gave presentations on their books: Clare Johnson (Femininity, Time and Feminist Art), Sue Tate (Pauline Boty: Pop Artist and Woman), Rosemary Betterton (Maternal Bodies in the Visual Arts) and Dorothy Rowe (After Dada and Women, the Arts and Globalization). Abstracts of the papers are available here.

Clare Johnson

Sue Tate

Rosemary Betterton

Dorothy Price