Re-thinking Thinking in Art and Design Education symposium

In November 2017 Jenny Rintoul and Clare Johnson organised a half-day symposium at the Arnolfini, Bristol, called ‘Re-thinking Thinking in Art and Design Education: thoughts on/from/with creative practice’. This included presentations from three speakers – Katy Macleod (Kingston University), Joanne Lee (Sheffield Institute of Art) and Jenny Rintoul (UWE) and was part of our Cultural Education strand of research activity. 
In a lecture theatre context, ‘thinking’ is formalised under a variety of labels including Visual Culture, Critical and Contextual Studies and Art and Design History. Discrete curricula spaces such as these can give the illusion that there is an insulated space in which ‘thinking’ takes place, but how can ‘thinking’ be considered more broadly? Where is ‘thinking’ located within the studio setting and what does it mean to integrate thinking and making, and theory and practice? In what ways do both writing and making extend ‘thinking’? This half-day symposium examines ‘thinking’ in art education, including its relationship to, from and within arts practices.

Jenny Rintoul
Joanne Lee