Bodies, Discourses and Representations – An Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Colloquium

On the 24th January 2019, the Visual Culture Research Group hosted a Postgraduate Colloquium at Arnolfini on the theme ‘Bodies, Discourses and Representations’. The Colloquium was organised by Dr Michela Prevedello (Programme Support Assistant for postgraduate students and member of the VCRG). MA and PhD UWE students across Art & Design and Film & Journalism programmes were invited to present their work at the event. The day ran from 10-4pm and thirteen students took part in the Colloquium, presenting work across a range of disciplines. Presentations were split into three panels and these were chaired by UWE students who introduced the speakers and ran a Q&A session. Following the Colloquium, students will be encouraged to publish their papers in a postgraduate peer-reviewed journal.

Presentations from UWE students were as follows:

Panel 1

Holly Bennett
MA Design

‘The Use of the Body in Sculpture to Present an Experiential Metaphor For Internal emotional and Psychological Narrative’

Andrew Brooks
MA Fine Art 

‘Sound and Body’

Linda Devo
MA Design 

‘Exploring the Body and its Senses Using Art as a Tool’  

Panel 1: Q&A

Panel 2

Luna Dewey
MRes Culture English Literature

‘Conceptualizing the Inexpressible: ‘Probing the Limits’ of Representation in the Fiction of Salman Rushdie, Jonathan Safran Foer and Yann Martel’

Ellen Hughes 
PhD student based in the Centre for Fine Print Research

‘Coral Reef: a Film Portrait of Relationships and Movement Amidst the Ceaseless Rhythm of the Washing-Up’

Rob Martin
Fine Art MA

‘Examining the Prostate; Sickness, Virility and Taboo. (My work is my body, my body is my work, my body of work is me!)’

Panel 2: Q&A

Panel 3

Lisa Cole
MA Design

‘Accessing the Withdrawn and Bonding with Objects’

Claire Haley
Ma Design 

‘Body Adornment as Self Expression.’

Claire Haley

Zelda Velika
MA Multidisciplinary Printmaking

‘Collections as Part of the Body’

Richard Broomhall
PhD student, attached to the DCRC

‘Body and Data: “GOT YOU MOUSE”‘

Panel 3: Q&A