Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Colloquium receives funding

A student-led project in Learning and Teaching has received funding for next year, 2020. Postgraduate students of the Schools of Art & Design and Film & Journalism; Holly Bennett, Lisa Cole, Linda Devo and Rob Martin, will organise and deliver an Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Colloquium. It will take place within the UWE Professional Practice week 2020 with student presentations and workshops.

The Colloquium will be a one-day event in which postgraduate students across different programmes will present their work in progress, including projects or research they are currently developing or have already produced. It will be held at the UWE City Campus (Arnolfini). The students leading the project, in partnership with the Postgraduate Programme Support Assistant, will choose an inclusive theme for the event. The Colloquium will be designed and presented as an interdisciplinary and cooperative meeting, where students can engage in conversation and get to know each other within an informal and supportive environment. The pedagogical aim of the event is to increase postgraduate students’ sense of belonging to a research community at UWE and to increase cross-disciplinary opportunities for MA, doctoral and undergraduate students (who will be invited as audience members).