Greenham Women Everywhere exhibition

Between August and December 2019, this pop-up exhibition is on tour around the UK.
The exhibition will showcase some original photographs and archival material, both visual and written, which has been collated during the project. We’ll be playing you soundscapes created by artists we have worked with which give a cross-section of the oral testimonies we have gathered, as well as playing some of the wonderful Greenham music. There will even be a chance to meet some of the Greenham Women themselves – many will be hosting the exhibitions. This exhibition allows you to get an intimate look at the sights and sounds of the camp, giving voice to these radical women.

“What change do you see in the world?”

Protest, Peace and Power

A workshop on Non Violent Direct Action from Greenham Common to Extinction Rebellion. Participants joined actor and activist Rebecca Mordan (Scary Little Girls, Reclaim the Night, London) and campaigner Elizabeth Greenland (Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp, Extinction Rebellion, Bristol) in a workshop exploring the theory and practice of Non Violent Direct Action. Participants heard from seasoned campaigners about their experiences, learnt some forms of elective, peaceful protest and discussed how creative, radical action can make a difference to individuals and groups.The workshop included a sing-a-long showcasing some classic protest songs from Greenham Common.

Telling the story through portraits

The Greenham Common peace camp in 1980s and 1990s was established to protest against the siting of nuclear weapons at RAF Greenham Common in Berkshire. Women from all over the world braved every weather and indignity to protest peacefully and creatively about the threat to humankind from the arms race. It was the largest demonstration in modern history. Commissioned by the Greenham Women Everywhere project to photograph more than 50 women, Christine Bradshaw travelled up and down the country making portraits in environments of their choosing – in their kitchens, studies, workshops, gardens, fields; and on landscapes and seascapes. Many chose to wear emblems of their time at Greenham, or to be photographed with memorabilia they have kept safely all these years. It is often trite to say that every picture tells a story, but here the brief was “to tell a story within the portrait”.
This exhibition shows a small selection of these portraits where Christine has managed, often within difficult constraints of natural light and limited space, to create intimate portraits of these courageous women. 

Left: Sue Say, Christine Bradshaw, 2019
Right: Muswell Hill group, Christine Bradshaw, 2019
Below: Clare Pattinson & Polly Height, Christine Bradshaw, 2019