Through the Years symposium

Above: Contemplation Time: A Document of Maternity Leave, Lena Simic, 2007-8

On Friday 6th December 2019, the Family Ties Network (FTN) and Visual Culture Research Group (University of the West of England, Bristol) presented a joint symposium on inter-generational identity focused on recent film and photographic practice at Waterside 2, Watershed. The day featured presentations by FTN coordinator Nicky Bird, Clare Johnson (UWE), FTN coordinator Rosy Martin, and Aaron Schuman (UWE). The panel discussion was chaired by FTN founder and coordinator Sally Waterman.

The Family Ties Network is a research group of artists, filmmakers and writers who explore memory, space, place and the family in photography and moving image. They are interested in and investigate a range of issues, encompassing the visual representation of family memories, the family album, oral history, bereavement, displacement, estrangement and the family home.

Clare Johnson

‘Maternal Art and Post-Natal Wellbeing: proximity and separation in Lena Simic’s Contemplation Time (2007-8) and Eti Wade’s Jocasta (2008)’

Nicky Bird

‘An ongoing case – Shadowing Rogovin: Retracing Family of Miners, Scotland 1982’

To view Milton Rogovin’s photography click here

Rosy Martin

‘Loss, reparation and new collaborations’

Aaron Schuman