Wellbeing Vox Pops

This project is a collaboration between Clare Johnson (VCRG) and Keiko Higashi (Arnolfini). The film brings together a series of UWE academics and artists to critically engage with the concept of ‘wellbeing’ in the context of the Health & Wellbeing exhibitions on show at Arnolfini from winter 2020-spring 2021: A Picture of Health and Jo Spence: from fairytales to phototherapy. The aim is to critically examine ‘wellbeing’ from a range of different disciplinary perspectives. The film was made in February-March 2021 during the COVID-19 pandemic and in the context of increasing interest in the overlap between creative arts and health and wellbeing. To access the Wellbeing Vox Pops click here

For information on the exhibition and a walkthrough of A Picture of Health | Women Photographers from The Hyman Collection click here