Dr. Kathryn Lawson Hughes

Email: Kath.Hughes@uwe.ac.uk

Dr. Kathryn Lawson Hughes is an Associate Lecturer at the University of the West of England.

UWE Staff Profile: https://people.uwe.ac.uk/Person/KathHughes

UWE Research Repository: https://uwe-repository.worktribe.com/person/7458403/kathryn-hughes/outputs


Kath Hughes is an associate lecturer in Visual Culture. Her research focuses primarily on critical thinking through embodied praxis, using aesthetic methods and methodologies including sound, performance, intervention, writing, affect and rhythm to situate embodied subjectivity and lived empirical experience as central to critiquing cultural/theoretical discourses around body politics, health, wellbeing and digitally-mediated subjectivity. Kath’s doctoral research project was sponsored by a Knowledge Economy Skills Scholarship (KESS 2), fully funded by the European Social Fund through a Welsh Government research initiative, towards contributing a cultural/theoretical discourse around contemporary subjective digital health practices. She has designed an extra-curricular Arts & Humanities Key Stage 5 course based on her doctoral research, for the education charity The Brilliant Club (titled ‘Self-Surveillance in the Digital Age: Is digital self-tracking good for our health?’), and her research has been disseminated at conferences and symposia both in the UK and internationally. She is an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.


Journal Articles

Hughes, K. L. “Running In Rome: A Bio/Digi-Rhythmic Soundscape”. In: J. Montgomery (ed.), AMPS Proceedings Series 24.1. Cities in a Changing World, Virtual. 16 – 18 June (2021). pp.[311-319]

Hughes, K. L. (2021). ‘Speaking the data’: Renegotiating the digitally-mediated body through performative embodied praxis, sound and rhythmic affectCultural Studies – Critical Methodologies21(5), 372-380. https://doi.org/10.1177/15327086211027501.


Hughes, K.L. (2021, June). Running in Rome: A Bio/Digi-Rhythmic Soundscape. Paper presented at Amps and PARADE Conference: Cities in A Changing World- Questions of Culture, Climate and Design, City Tech, CUNY, New York/Virtual.

Hughes, K.L. (2021, June). Running in Rome: A Bio/Digi-Rhythmic Sound Event. Audio-visual paper presented at the 2nd International Conference on Sonorities Research: II CIPS Borderline Sonorities, Brazil/Virtual.

Hughes, K.L. (2019, February). Performing the “I Care”. Paper presented at Culturgest artistic research symposium: What Has Love Got To Do With It? Performance, Intimacy, Affectivity, Lisbon, Portugal. Available at: https://www.culturgest.pt/en/whats-on/what-has-love-got-do-it-performance-intimacy-affectivity/

Hughes, K.L. (2018, June). Bio-rhythms &/ Digi-rhythms. Paper presented at Found Performance: An Un-disciplinary Symposium Exploring Aesthetic Methodologies in Health Care and Medicine, The Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London. Available at: https://thepolyphony.org/2018/07/09/found-performance-reflections-on-an-undisciplinary-symposium-exploring-aesthetic-methodologies-in-health-care-and-medicine/

Hughes, K.L. (2017, June). Self-Tracking, Embodiment and Resistance: A Phenomenological Enquiry. Paper presented at the International conference Metric Culture: The Quantified Self and Beyond, Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies, Denmark. Available at: https://aias.au.dk/events/metric-culture/