Lindsay Bishop


Lindsay is an Associate Lecturer at the University of the West of England

PhD (Candidate) Cultural Anthropology – UCL

MA (Distinction) Material and Visual Culture – UCL

BA (HONS) Art and Visual Culture – UWE

My primary research interests include:

Community and performance rituals in heavy metal 

Phenomenology and embodiment via contemporary video games

Horror narratives and gender performance

My research methodology combines traditional ethnography with photographic and videographic documentation. My video footage has been used in the production of a live music video distributed by Universal Studios. 

As an anthropologist I am concerned primarily with the capacity for performance to cultivate community that, in the case of heavy metal, has transcended generational, geographic, and temporal boundaries. 

I have been invited to present papers at a wide range of conferences and events nationally and internationally including Harvard and Oxford university, in addition to the Royal Anthropological Institute.   

My ongoing doctoral research into heavy metal performance has been featured on a variety of public media platforms including BBC Radio 4, Radio 5, NME, The Telegraph, Radio Wales.

A sample of my research documentation and public engagement can be found at: