Deuce 2 (Rachael Miles & Tom Marshman performance)

Image: still from recording of Deuce 2

Rachael Miles and Tom Marshman performed their new work Deuce 2 at Arnolfini, organised in collaboration with the UWE Visual Culture Research Group and the UWE Social Sciences Research Group. Following their performance, Del LaGrace Volcano performed Beyond the Buzzwords.

Rachael Miles and Tom Marshman’s performance explored growing up in the 80’s, a time with very few positive representations of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer (LGBTQ) people. Deuce 2 explores female masculinities, male femininities and the medias representation of identity. Using pop cultural references to unpick historical representations of gender non-conformity they reconsider the role the iconic has played in defining contemporary ‘queer’ identities.

Del LaGrace Volcano gave a visual and visceral presentation that demonstrates precisely what theories can look like when practiced. Through the use of spoken word and visual images produced over the course of more than four decades, Volcano’s work with the LGBTQI+ communities they have inhabited not only documents a ‘queer time and place’ it also performs as iconic testaments to the love, lust, and burning desire to defy and dismantle the forces that seek to destroy, disrespect and deactivate us all.

Part 1: Introduction to the event

Part 2: Deuce 2 (Rachael Miles and Tom Marshman)

Part 3: Beyond the Buzzwords (Del LaGrace Volcano)