Undergraduate Research Symposium 2022

The VCRG hosted the 5th annual Undergraduate Research Symposium online on Friday 25th  March 2022. Students across a range of UWE Art & Design programmes presented research papers on their final year Visual Culture projects. The work reflects some of the most pressing current issues for those interested in visuality and cultural critique. There was also some presentations from staff, bringing student and staff work into dialogue . Papers were organised into the following panels:

Morning Panel:

‘Selfhood, Identities and Screen-based media’

Afternoon Panel:

‘Space, Time, Participation’

Huge congratulations to the students who presented and many thanks to all who contributed to a day of fascinating discussion.

Visual Culture Research Group (VCRG) Presentation:

Panel 1: ‘Selfhood, Identities and Screen-based Media’:

Above image: ‘Selfhood, Identities and Screen-based Media’ panelists

Elena Hartley

Drawing and Print


Middle Age Penance to ‘Melodramatic Money Shots’: Confessional Discourse in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Laura Tanner

Fashion Textiles


Lockdown clothing: the Instagram pandemic? How attitudes towards clothing and loungewear during the Covid-19 pandemic can affect mental health

Chloe Henderson

Art and Writing

OnlyFans: A company built on exploiting vulnerable women that has reinforced the negative and subordinate view of women

Dr. Clare Johnson

Delivering and Researching the Arts for Wellbeing (DRAW)

Laura Fairfax

Art and Writing

Searching for legitimacy and pleasure in female sexuality: How is female adolescence presented on screen?

Velvet Butler Carroll

Fine Art


Drag: a reaffirmation of binary codes or a political tool for queering the gaze? An analysis of Drag Kings and mainstream media representation

Panel discussion and q & a

Sarah Bodman, Angie Butler: Centre for Print Research presentations

Sarah Bodman – Artists’ Books Research at UWE Bristol/CFPR

Angie Butler – These Books of Handwork and Hybridity

Panel 2: ‘Space, Time, Participation’:

Above image: room view during Panel 2 ‘Space, Time, Participation’

Alec Neil

Fine Art

Fractured Temporalities Reclaiming Physical Time

Simon Morrissey

Document and Location Research Group presentation

Charlotte Knaggs

Drawing and Print

The value of contemporary art: cultural capital, the gallery space, and millionaires

Lauren Graham

Fine Art

Queerness in Nature – An exploration of queerness and the natural world in relation to contemporary art, sexuality, conservation, and popular culture

Panel discussion and Q & A